Saturday, November 29, 2008

Some Things Never Change

The "Political Science Job Rumors" blog seems awfully hateful, and petty. turns out this generation of grad student is not so bad, after all! I happened to look at the "Need to Vent" thread on the blog, and found the following 14 posts:

Need To Vent (14 posts)

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1. Anonymous Unregistered
The sociology rumor mill has a "Need To Vent" thread for frustrated candidates to vent. In addition to giving candidates a venue to express their frustrations, and thereby reducing it in other threads, you also find some really funny posts like this one:

"Yesterday at school, I took the biggest dump ever. I must have expelled at least 7 lbs worth of food and other bodily debris and fluids. I kid you not. A coincidence in this economic climate? I think not. I also think it may be suggestive of my job prospects."
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2. Anonymous Unregistered
Every once in a while I take a dump and stand in awe at the fact that I was able to make something so large and powerful.

With my ass.
Posted 5 days ago #

3. Anonymous Unregistered
Yep, I guess you would indeed need to vent after that.
Posted 5 days ago #

4. Anonymous Unregistered
With us? The entire blog is the vent site...
Posted 5 days ago #

5. Anonymous Unregistered
Its good to see that political scientists are more mature than sociologists.
Posted 5 days ago #

6. Anonymous Unregistered
Grow up and get a life.
Posted 5 days ago #

7. Anonymous Unregistered
"Grow up and get a life."

OP here. Yes it is totally immature but it made me laugh. RIght now I think lots of people reading this blog need a good laugh. No need to be so uptight....It can give you an ulcer!
Posted 5 days ago #

8. Anonymous Unregistered
Seriously, there's no harm in a cheap, totally immature laugh. I and a lot of other people are on the ledge right now.
Posted 5 days ago #

9. Anonymous Unregistered
Well, take a dump or take a jump.
Posted 5 days ago #

10. Anonymous Unregistered

For some humor that is finanically related, but not poop-ish.
Posted 5 days ago #

11. Anonymous Unregistered
I try to vent in healthy ways. You know, things like smashing the palm of my hand against my forehead. The only drawback is that I'm finding myself doing it in public. You can imagine the looks I get.
Posted 5 days ago #

12. Anonymous Unregistered
My house smells like an egg!
Posted 5 days ago #

13. Anonymous Unregistered
My crotch smells like an egg.
Posted 5 days ago #

14. Anonymous Unregistered
No wonder you have no offers. You all are a disgrace.
Posted 5 days ago #

Now, I swear that this is a near verbatim transcript of conversations Angus and I had ...well....pretty much every day for four years in grad school. Along with John Jarosz and Tom Gilligan and Brian Roberts.

Clearly, all these folks on the blog are destined for greatness. GREATNESS, I tell you. And the guy who said "My crotch smells like an egg," (and, yes, I'm sure it was a guy)...that guy should be given tenure, and the job of Dean, right now. We need more like him.

Poster #14, almost certainly female, is of course entirely correct, in every unimportant respect.


Angus said...

that would be a highly sanitized transcript of our daily convos Mr. Mungowitz!

Anonymous said...

Certainly there's not a glut in the market for experts on rent seeking?

Dirty Davey said...

I am extraordinarily glad to have avoided academic political science job-seeking, particularly in the web-enabled world.