Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Marquis de Condorcet pays a visit to Big XII country

Thanks to OU's dismantling of Texas Tech last night, the Big XII is staring into the face of the dreaded Condorcet triple.

Texas beat OU, OU beat Texas Tech, Texas Tech beat Texas. Who wins the Big XII south?

It's complicated, people.

My anti sooner friends say "you can't rank OU ahead of Texas 'cause Texas beat them". OK, fair enough, then you can't rank Texas ahead of Texas Tech for the same reason and you can't rank Texas Tech ahead of OU. That's why they call it a paradox.

As things stand, whichever team is ranked higher by the BCS after next weekends games will be declared the Big XII south champion (assuming all three win to preserve the 3 way tie).

So in effect, an abomination is going to settle a paradox. Welcome to America, Marquis!

1 comment:

Hokey said...

pure economic thinking tells me the whole thing can be settled by cheerleader mud wrestling.