Sunday, November 02, 2008

It's hard to let go

Here at Chez Angus we have taken the tragic death of one of our favorite writers, David F. Wallace pretty hard. Since his death, a lot more info has come out about what his life was like, and this article from Rolling Stone is really good, telling his personal story and covering the circumstances around his death.

Here is a link to a DFW essay on tennis (from Esquire magazine). My favorite quote from this piece is:

"Michael Chang, twenty-three and number five in the world, sort of looks like two different people stitched crudely together: a normal upper body perched atop hugely muscular and totally hairless legs. He has a mushroom-shaped head, inky-black hair, and an expression of deep and intractable unhappiness, as unhappy a face as I’ve seen outside a graduate creative-writing program."

Here is a link to his classic piece, "Consider the Lobster".

UPDATE: Harper's has made public all of DFW's writing for them. Link is here.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pointer.

That Harpers link should give people access to my favorite long piece (the cruise) and my favorite short one (Kafka and humor).

McSweeneys ran a collection of personal memories and a former student put up a syllabus from one of his classes on a blog. Those are interesting for insight too.