Friday, May 14, 2010

#2 with a WTF

Here is yet another list of the top 10 most profitable college majors.

Economics is #2 (so appropriate,no?). But oh my Lord, the description!

"A pretty ubiquitous myth is that economics is all statistics and math. The fact is, while economics majors do a lot of statistics and math, they also study a wide range of topics, including social science, psychology, political science and history. Alan Metzer, even said: "economics is a social science." There are plenty of humanitarian efforts you can make in this line of work, as economists are needed to create public policy -- domestically and internationally.

Average first year salary: $50,200. Average mid-career salary: $101,000."

I am pretty sure it was NOT Alan Metzer they are trying to quote, more likely it's Alan Meltzer. However I am also pretty sure neither one of those gentlemen were the first to label economics as a social science.

But the best is the equation of "creating public policy" with "humanitarian efforts". Sweet Fancy Moses, people.

Look, econ is a good major and the pay is not bad. But we are not known for our "humanitarian efforts", and, as a rule, we don't study much history or political science.

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Unknown said...

They must be including Finance under the Econ umbrella...