Tuesday, May 11, 2010

God hates Oklahoma

Wow people, that was a close one! Mrs. Angus, Mr. Tooty, and myself spent late yesterday afternoon and early evening hanging out in our bedroom closet listening to the tornado sirens (which was ok til the power went out), while all hell broke loose outside.

One of my favorite quotes from the National Weather Service yesterday was: "This storm likely to contain damaging hail of baseball size or greater"

I wondered if there was a such thing as baseball sized hail that was UN-damaging, and also doubted that hail could get that big.

Regarding my doubt, here is a photo posted by a local Facebook friend (thanks JPP!)



Unknown said...

Hey Kevin, Glad you are safe. We were all watching the news last night and were worried for you. Brian also. He asked why you were there in Norman, and we told him because you taught there!

Robert S. Porter said...

They don't dig basements in Oklahoma?

Angus said...

Oklahoma basements are indoor swimming pools waiting to happen. Some folks have "safe rooms" or small underground shelters, but basements are not common in this part of the country.

Simon Spero said...


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