Monday, May 17, 2010

Rally Driver Crashes After Being Mooned

Ah, the memories. Driving home from baseball games in high school.

Remember, Dutch Boy?


Shawn said...

translation on the in-car commentary? sounded like 'ass' to me...

dangph said...

Kiwi: [Beginning to slide] Oh for fuck's s-
Kiwi: [Crashes] There was a cunt with his arse out.
Co-driver: Eh?
Kiwi: There was a cunt with his arse out.

Shawn said...

See? and I thought it was German. It took me the whole first season to understand Bret and Jemaine.

Only after I saw "kiwi" did I notice "rally new zealand" at the beginning.

Hey; given senor munger's germanophilia (and, firefox gives 'necrophilia' and 'hemophilia' as correction options to that word), it was a legitimate mistake.

and, don't forget navigator's final comment: "fuckin' idiot."

David said...

the moon indeed affects the tides

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