Wednesday, May 26, 2010

When did Diego Maradona join Van Halen?

Is he the new new lead singer or something?

I can only assume that he is now in the group after looking at his demands for hotel services at the upcoming football World Cup in South Africa.

My favorite items are:

(A) 2 "e-bidet" toilets for his personal use, with heated seats, a blow dryer, and double fountains.

(B) 24 hour ice cream.

Argentina have the best player in the world (Messi), but I don't think they will get out of the first round with this gentleman leading them.


Anonymous said...

Remember that the infamous M&M rider was designed by DLR to endure that promoters were actually READING the contract...

Pretty good economic reasoning, IMHO...

Aaron Aardvark said...

and the North Koreans only asked for food and electricity, two things unavailable in their country