Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Idiot Conservatives on Parade

The last two weeks has brought an avalanche, a deluge, a... well, a lot, of embarrassment for conservatives in terms of public relations. IF they were capable of embarrassment, or self-reflection, or introspection.

One bozo stole large sections of BHO's 2004 convention speech.

Another "family values" candidate, who values families so much that he has TWO of them, was selected by the GOP to run for the House.

The biggest idiot of all, IMHO, a pretty extreme family values guy, who actually hired his long-time mistress to (I'm not making this up) help film a video about the importance of family values. Don't want her to feel left out, right?

Earlier in the month, this fool was caught with a "RentBoy." Now, it's certainly all right with me if somebody wants to pay for sex. And it's true that the RentBoy looks quite hot. But you can't persecute gays with a Torquemada-like fervor, and THEN get caught with "Lucien". As Jon Stewart pointed out, RentBoy didn't even help with the luggage! It's hard to shock the Miami papers, but...

Jon Stewart does some fine television. Rekers story just after 7:30...

Anyway, the most important "family value" ought to be to respect other peoples' choices about their family, and to stop trying to RUN EVERYONE ELSE'S LIVES.

You right wing family values people: shut up, if you can't even keep your OWN families according to your own (admittedly puritanical) standards.

(Nod to Anonyman, who amazingly sent me every one of the above stories)

UPDATE: Another snippet (again from Anonyman) on the GOP right here in NC. The GOP is actually trying to repudiate this candidate, even if it means they lose the seat. Here is the guy's web site....Here's a picture, from Salon. It may have been photoshopped, but I think he may be looking at us... or not.


Matt Gilliland said...

In the 13th Congressional district, Bill Randall (the family values candidate remaining in the runoff against Bernie Reeves) has been caught copying the Sharon Statement for his personal statement of beliefs, and then copying Scott Brown's "Issues" bullets for his own website almost word-for-word.
It puts the Tea Party folk in a bind, since they and the Reeves campaign seem to have developed a mutual loathing. I suspect they'll keep blindly backing the plagiarist.

Anonymous said...

I'm all about intellectual property, but stealing parts of BHO's speech is HI-F'ING-LARIOUS. The speech says / means absolutely nothing. It's feel good gobbledy-gook, and it works. The mesmorized interpret it however they want because they think they like the candidate. I'd like to see more Libertarians hi-jacking this kind of BS and feeding it to the masses.