Wednesday, May 12, 2010

you wouldn't even know a diamond if you held it in your hand

I know that I am treading on thin ice here, after all, the US of A re-elected George F. Bush!

Nonetheless, I am amazed at how political pariahs can somehow rehabilitate themselves.

Consider Alan Garcia in Peru. From hyper inflation (7,649% in 1990), rampant terrorism and disgrace to, less than 20 years later being again elected President.

Of course that was perhaps a bit of an Edwards v. Dukes (vote for the crook, it's important) situation.

I was amazed to see today that Imelda Marcos and two of her children won elections in the Philippines. Imelda in the House, a Governorship for the daughter and Senator for the son.

After winning, Imelda had this to say:

"The Filipino people can be assured of our selfless and endless service and love to all."


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