Saturday, July 03, 2010

Al Gore: Poodley

Some questions:

1. Why is it that "women's gropes... um, groups" support these losers? All creeps like John Edwards and Al Gore have to do to get unquestioning support from women is to jabber about how much they like women's causes. But groping, attempted rape, and bizarre adultery schemes don't seem like support to me.

2. In any other setting, a woman who sells herself for a small consideration would be a prostitute. But when women's "interest groups" do it, it's called lobbying, right?

(Nod to Anonyman, who never was poodley)


David said...

How did Bubba not make it on to your list?

This episode, I think, shows that even the most noble of us is going to have trouble reducing his emissions.

Anonymous said...


Haven't we learned from the Duke lacrosse case that allegations from a prostitute are only that?

Tom said...

One anonymous poster lied here; ergo the previous anonymous poster...

Anonymous said...

I'm confused, Anon #2. This woman was a professional therapist, giving a massage. NOT a prostitute.

Sure, some "massage" may have "happy endings," but most massage therapists are professionals providing a service that relieves pain in muscles and joints.

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