Monday, September 19, 2011

Barack Obama comes out of the closet

Wow. President O is planning to ask for $1.5 Trillion in new tax revenues with no changes to Social Security and perhaps no changes to Medicare either.

Finally the bullsh*t is over and the cards are on the table.

You know, if this doesn't kick-start the economy, I don't know what will!!


John Covil said...

I think this opens up a perfect opportunity for the Republicans to pivot. Now that the President's opening bid is shown to be so large, capture the middle by offering to allow revenue increases tied to sensible tax reform. I think it's good policy anyway (DAFT and all that), but it might just also be good politics.

Interestingly enough, my word verification for this post is binion.

John Thacker said...

I'm not sure if entitlement and tax reform actually captures the middle. It may actually be that the smart politics is to make vague noises about reform while not putting out specifics (specifics can be attacked), then blaming the other side for wrecking it.

That does seem to be the President's strategy, and it's been good enough to convince people like Tyler Cowen, or so his posts would imply.

John Covil said...

It's just my gut that that the Norquist stridency is turning off a lot of moderates. That's based on anecdotal accounts and lazy media stories of course.

That's too bad about Cowen, too.

BTW, it just dawned on me how the GOP treats Norquist like Nyquist. Ha! Sorry, engineering humor.