Monday, September 05, 2011

Grand Game: So Many Ways

I wish we had never played the Grand Game, and were never to play it again.

Just so we could take it out of its wrapping paper, still crinkly wrapping paper, and play it just one perfect time for this story.

My humble thanks to the lovely and talented @EmilySkarbek for the link.

There is a LOT to love in this story, people. Go!


Mungowitz said...

I can't resist going first. A nonunion BUILDING? WTF is a nonunion building?

Cities, states, maybe neighborhoods. But what kind of screwed up system has BUILDINGS that are union or non-union?

Tom said...

Totally wonderful news: union thugs being publicly exposed for what they are. Even leaving the n-word business aside, the protest is completely about hiring the competition. Little wonder that private sector unions are in sharp decline.