Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Something Funny This Way Comes

Notice anything odd about this "restaurant review"? Check it out.

That's right.... they never mention food, service, those things.

Apparently they think that many people will make their dining choices based on how many wasteful public subsidies for inefficient alternative energy technologies the owners have sucked down.

"Oooooh, look, honey, solar panels on the roof! I can see them by the moonlight! Let's stop and have a romantic candlelight dinner, since there is no electricity."

"I don't know; what kind of food do they have?"

"Who cares? All that matters is that we are seen entering such a politically correct establishment. Make sure you leave the lights on from the car. No one will recognize me in those 1.5 watt LEDs."

(Nod to the Blonde)


dangph said...

The comments are interesting. Most of them are negative about the idea. I thought maybe they were left there by blow-ins from libertarian blogs or something, but no, the commenters I clicked on were locals, they had posting histories.

I find that interesting. I wonder why they are negative. I thought that in general people liked the idea of these sorts of green schemes.

Maybe because it's local, it's more clear that it's *their* money that's paying for it?

Richard Stands said...

I believe they serve pie in the sky.

Mr. Overwater said...

Where does it claim to be a restaurant review?

If you look at the author's other stories it's clear that he's a business reporter:

And he's reporting something that came up at (as Mungowitz would say, "Wait for it...") the Asheville Chamber of Commerce meeting:
"Westmoreland reviewed the upfit program Monday during the Green Monday program held by the Blue Ridge Sustainability Institute at the Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce."

So Mungowitz is making fun of the article for not being what it wasn't meant to be.

Why distort?