Thursday, September 22, 2011


I don't even need to make any remarks about this any more.

Just read the WaPo about Sol-Gate. That's WaPo, not WaTimes, btw.

Solyndra was not Teapot Dome, but it's heading that way. Really, really bad stuff for Obamanoids.

(Nod to Anonyman)


Dave Hansen said...

I love the NYTimes coverage of the story:

"In Rush to Assist Solyndra, U.S. Missed Warning Signs"

Come on guys; they were just trying to help!

"...Solyndra has become one of the administration’s most costly fumbles..."

It was just a fumble, guys. One or two happen every game. They're so hard to prevent. It's really no one's fault.

"The government’s backing of Solyndra ... came as the politically well-connected business began an extensive lobbying campaign that appears to have blinded government officials to the company’s financial condition..."

Oh, those evil corporations with their government-blinging capabilities!!

mwbugg said...

I guess I'm an Obamanoid. I started to read this blog because I like to hear the other side and challenge my beliefs. But, if this is the best you can do, I'll have to go elsewhere. This site is mostly drivel. You do a good enough job taking stuff out of context and with selective quotes that it looks like an audition for Fox. I'm sure you won't miss me and the feeling is mutual.

Anonymous said...

If a Solyndra falls in the forest and the New York Times doesn't report it...