Sunday, September 18, 2011

Outside Money With Ideological Strings FINE, if it's lefty!

Southern Methodist University has decided that it will offer space for the ideological vision of a leftist donor. Here is the description of the program of bizarre indoctrination that students will receive as a poor substitute for an education.

Now, I do object to the fraudulent claim that this is a "major." It is an extended year round summer camp for kids who are too ideology-addled and lazy even to enroll in SMU's famously easy disciplinary majors. But, okay, caveat emptor. If you want to offer a crap major like that, and rich kids want to take it so they feel less guilty about their pointless trust-fund guided lives, fair enough.

What twists up my boxers into a slip-knot is the idea that all the media and other colleges are just fine with a "donor" buying a major at a university to serve that donor's own narrow ideological world-view. When the Kochs give money for legitimate courses, with legitimate instructors, it's time to cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of "Whore! You took money from the Kochs!"

But when lefties do it, it's all good. (Shakes head slowly, mystified).


Brad Hutchings said...

Eh, the reaction to perceived right and libertarian funding not withstanding, they'll probably have a course in correctly salting the french fries, so these graduates might be able to get a shift at Jack in the Box.

Anonymous said...

Not to mention the abject hysteria when the Pope Family wanted to endow a Chair in Western Civilization at liberal UNC-CH. Heads were exploding and it never happened!