Saturday, January 07, 2012

Americans Against Logic

Okay, so a tactical tip: If the Jon Stewart show wants to interview you, say no. Because not only will you be reamed, you will be complicit in your own reaming. I cannot understand how JS can find such self-important idiots. The Republican here... wow.
I think Republicans are hypocrites, yes I do.
I think Republicans are hypocrites, how 'bout YOU?

(Nod to Anonyman)


Anonymous said...

The Muslim guy came out looking fine. That's a pretty common format, one normal person and one crazy person. Everyone who goes on the show thinks the other guy is the crazy person.

Anonymous said...

I think that if you're not occasionally a hypocrite, your standards are not high enough.

I also think you're here on earth to help me develop a thicker skin.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many people the JS show interviews but doesn't air because they aren't funny enough.

Pelsmin said...

You're no dupe, but you've been had. The republican may or may not be a dope -- appearing on the Daily Show unprepared like that suggests he may be -- but this was propaganda that makes Michael Moore look evenhanded.
CAIR is brilliant in its manipulation of the mainstream media, pulling in people from all sides with their claims of peacefulness and common interest -and pro-Reagan conservatism in this case. There is no question that this is a ruse.
Some time after 9/11 I watched a polished CAIR leader talk about resisting radical Islam, keeping America strong, and building bridges between the moderates of Islam and the Judeo-Christian cultures. An opposing speaker (this was on Fox) claimed CAIR wanted to submit America to Sharia law, force conversion of Christians and Jews, and impose a moslem caliphate over the US. He sounded like a nut, and the CAIR representative remained cool as he rolled his eyes and denied it all. And then the guy asked the CAIR spokesman if the founder and head of CAIR had given a speech (prior to 9/11) asking for all this in detail. The spokesman got a little cagey. The opposing speaker asked if he could show a video of the head of CAIR talking about how they could bring this about. The CAIR guy explained that there was a new head of CAIR now. Would he disavow the previous head's speeches? "Well...there's no need and we all want the same thing as patriotic Americans..." etc. I've since seen the video of the speech and it shows the head of CAIR calling for asserting Islam's dominance over other religions in America, among other things.

The FBI is investigating CAIR's support of active terrorist organizations like Hamas. CAIR members in the US have been convicted of supporting Jihad. CAIR has obfuscated their records (leading to them losing their tax-exempt status, among other problems) and taken the support of the Saudis and Khadaffy.

Their whole game is putting forward trained, smooth reasonable people and having the useful idiots of the media deliver exactly what Stewart gave us.