Thursday, January 26, 2012

News Tip on Bev Perdue

My thoughts on Bev Perdue's announcement today....

Three possibilities here. One is that this is engineered to make way for Dan Blue, the African-American state senator from Wake County. Perdue waited until now to make it harder for anyone else to enter the race. The fact that the primary is on the same day as the Constitutional Amendment on gay marriage assures a large black turnout. This could be the difference to get Dan Blue the nomination.

The second possibility--Interesting that Brad Miller pulled out of the District 4 fight with David Price yesterday. Could that timing mean something?

The final possibility, and the most likely, is this: just typical chaos and confusion in politics, and no one should read too much into the timing. Dr. Perdue was just too much of a liability in an important swing state, and the national party sent some senior folks to tell her to spend more time with her grandchildren.


Michael said...

You should be getting ready to kick off your campaign, right? Munger for NC Gov!

Joel rosch said...

From my friends colleagues still in state gov. - you have no idea how bad Purdue has been to work for on a day to day basis. Lance the boil is mild - take the pencil out of my ear.

Where did you get the Dan Blue idea??? that one seems off the wall