Sunday, January 01, 2012

Trying Blogsy on the iPad

This app claims that it's ez to do links, images, and embeds.  So lets give it a try. 

Here's a photo of a beautiful tree:

This post from LeBron caused Mrs. A to insist that I read the book called Beautiful Tree Forthwith

And here's a video Mrs. A took of me playing with Mr. 2T last year about this time. 

It's not exactly easy. The built in browser to find links is small and clunky. Images and embeds don't always go where you want them. But it's better than anything else I've seen for the iPad. If I could go on short trips with just the iPad instead of laptop and kindle, that would be great. 


Tom said...

Good production values on that video. Was that the app or some other software? Also, the tree pic is a keeper. Where is that tree?

Angus said...


Video processed with iMovie, pic is from 17 mile drive in Monterrey CA.

Anonymous said...

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