Thursday, January 05, 2012

Okay, NOW You Can Kill Eagles (But Not Bats), To Show You Love Gaia

So, if all you are doing is building a factory that will create hundreds of jobs, and produce something people want to buy, you will be blocked by the Endangered Species Act. In fact, you may even have to close an existing golf course, because the nice froggies might not like it.

But if you want to build a "wind farm," which actually is a net loss of energy (counting the costs of construction and decommissioning), and produces almost zero jobs, then the feds will happily WAIVE the ESA. Kill all the eagles you want! (But not bats, apparently. Interesting.)

Now, in my view, the ESA is a death sentence, a stupid law that kills more creatures than it saves, by far. But still, if you believe the ESA works, why suspend it for such a marginal "industry" as wind?

Unless of course the whole thing is fake and all you really care about is the costly signal of worshipping Gaia, the Earth Mother? In that case, building an idiotic temple of wind and sacrificing eagles to Gaia actually count twice. We worship you, Gaia! And higher costs mean we love you more! Abraham was only willing to sacrifice his son. WE are willing to sacrifice eagles!

(Nod to the Blonde)


Angus said...

To be fair to Abraham, Isaac was not just his son, he was (a) his only son, (b) born after his wife had been pronounced "barren" (when informed by the Deity that she'd be having a kid, Mrs. Abraham's response was such that her name was changed to "laughter"), and (c) was supposed to be the founder of some kind of great nation. So Abraham was, to say the least, conflicted when the deity told him to get a killing done up on highway 51!

Simon Spero said...

Not the ESA- Eagles have their own legislation. I wonder if there's a separate waiver needed for the ESA as well.

If the ESA requires an end to previously profitable land use, you can always just build a high speed rail link.

Anonymous said...

so... how exactly do wind farms kill eagles?

Anonymous said...

And cost more energy? Munger seems particularly interested in making unsubstantiated claims about energy production and use that open his post up to ridicule.

Andrew said...

Anonymous: how do you think wind farms might kill eagles? You could even use Google to see if your guess is right!

Anonymous said...

Andrew. The burden of proof lies with the one making the claim. He shouldnt have to do all the leg work to prpve a point he dissagrees with.