Monday, January 02, 2012

it might take half the country

North Korea (i.e. Kim Jong Un) has called for its citizens to form a human shield around its leader (i.e. Kim Jong Un)!

Given that many North Koreans eat dirt and sticks, and that KJU looks like this:

I am wondering, how many North Koreans does it take to make a human shield for "The Great Consumer"?

I am waiting for KJU's catchphrase to come out. I loved his dad's: "Let's eat two meals a day"


farmland investments said...

LOL:) Inall seriousness though, North Korea is a truly disgusting place. Easily the most cruel and viscous regime in the world today. We can only hope 2012 is the year it finally implodes and Fat Kim moves to Beijing!

dangph said...

He's just in his 20s. He's gonna get fatter.

Shawn said...

Keep your Jaw Up?