Saturday, January 07, 2012

Can Men and Women Be Just Friends

On the Utah State U campus, a team of crack investigators ask the question, "Can men and women 'just' be friends?"

Women say "yes." Men laugh at the very idea. Men are not good people.

Now, the Bishop and I know that married men can be just friends with women.

First, we fear our wives enough to know we had better not even think about anyone else.

Second, if we piss off our wives, we are going to be "just friends" even in our houses for several nights. "Honey?" "Don't touch me..."

(Nod to the Blonde, who is not surprised by any of this.)


Anonymous said...

The best part in the gay guy in the beginning who gives a mini-dissertation on feelings. He had to say no, or he wouldn't be a 'guy." Poor guy...

Anonymous said...

My usual answer is "How attractive is she?"

Willy B Good said...

Gay men and women can be friends I guess, but straight guys and straight girls? No way. And watch when Harry Met Sally.