Monday, February 25, 2013

Not the Onion?

I really thought this had to be a hoax.  A tribe of sanctimonious Germans who believe that their unwillingness to behave responsibly creates obligations for others to take care of them.  Okay, wait, that is basically ALL Greeks, I understand.

But in this case it's Germans, and it's literally true.  These folks say they are "on strike."  From consuming.

The cool part is that they do in fact consume.  They are just "on strike" when it comes to paying for what they consume.

Oh, and while they refuse to WORK, they are happy to take--and USE--the "free" money that the government gives to them.

There's more!  Please do share your favorite quote, GG style.

with a grateful nod to Tal, who sent it to  J.C.  J.C. thought I would like it.  I like it.


John Covil said...

My favorite part is that they swear off buying and selling with money, but they do a lot of trading. What do they think buying and selling are? It's just trading with a medium of exchange.

Also, how much do you wanna bet they don't report their in-kind wages for the work that they say they do while happily taking money from the state. I guess money's OK if someone else worked to earn it.

-John (J.C.)

Tal said...

“Everything we need is already there. We just need to make the connections.”

Love this, it's a double whammy. "Everything we need is already there." Where did it come from? Do all of those used baby clothes just spring up fully formed from the earth?

Then, "We just need to make the connections" to the people that work actual jobs and then leech off of their leavings. If everyone lived this way, we could reduce humanity's carbon footprint to zero!

-Tal (Tal)

Gerardo said...

Life imitates Government.