Friday, June 14, 2013


You may know the piece of computer jargon, "DWIM."

It's an acronym for "Do What I Mean."  Of course, computers can only do what we SAY; they really can't tell what we mean.  The LMM DWIMs all the time (yes, DWIM can be a verb).

I had just asked her to remind me to Skype with the EYM (he's in Chile) on Sunday at 4 or 5.

She wanted to display her virtuosity with computers (We saw "The Internship" last night, so we're feeling pretty post-millenial).  So, she woke up SIRI, and said, "Remind me to tell Michael to SKYPE on Sunday at 4 or 5."

Of course, the computer "brain" has no way of understanding what "4 or 5" means.  SIRI could do it at 4, or at 5, or at any specific time.  But "remind me later" is a DWIM move; no way SIRI can do that.

I was staying very quiet so I could eavesdrop on the resulting hilarity.  But SIRI just punted, and said she would "Remind you to tell Michael to SKYPE at forty-five," which doesn't mean anything.  A missed opportunity.

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