Friday, June 28, 2013

Politicians from Another Planet

Our Favorite Headlines:

'I lost my virginity* to an alien holographic at the age of FIVE': Labour politician appears on TV to defend his claims of encounters with extra-terrestrials.  

That's a pretty long headline, but there was a lot to pack in there.

He notes that being repeatedly "taken" (eww!) by aliens does not interfere with his work as a left-wing politician. [Editorial comment:  We agree with that. Indeed, it may improve his performance, in several ways].  The story goes on: "Cllr Parkes, who also claims his 'real mother' is a 9ft green alien with eight fingers, said people only claim he is mad because they have not shared his experiences and that the encounters don't affect his work on behalf of Whitby residents."

* (You can lose your virginity to a holograph? If so, I guess I lost my virginity when I was about 12, to some forgotten story in National Geographic)

Nod to MK

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