Sunday, June 23, 2013

On Snowden and NSA

(1) what YOU don’t know can’t hurt YOU, 
(2) what THEY don’t know can hurt YOU, 
(3) THEY need to know what YOU know, 
(4) but YOU need not know that THEY need to know, 
(5) And YOU certainly do not need to know what THEY know,
(6) moreover, if YOU know THEY need to know, then the big WE can get hurt, so THEY can hide that, out of concern for YOU. 
(7) And mostly, we should all care more about the big WE than anything else. Especially, the big WE is more important than YOU, or YOU, or... 

Or so THEY say...

Nod to WH


Anonymous said...

Here's the chair of the House Intel Committee(

"Rogers said, “He has taken information that does not belong to him – it belongs to the people of the United States – he has jeopardized our national security…. Clearly the bad guys have already changed their ways” in light of the information which Snowden revealed."

Oh, the information belongs to the people, eh? Can we the people take a look at it?

Anonymous said...

No, because you can't handle the truth!

Anonymous said...

Snowden and the NSA
(with apologies to the Kingston Trio)

let me tell you a story
'bout a man named Snowden
on that tragic and fateful day!

oh will he ever come home
no he'll never come home
because his fate is still unknown
poor Snowden
he may hide forever
'neath the seats of Sheremetyevo
he's the man, who never came home!