Thursday, June 13, 2013

Environmental Zeal, Icelandic Edition

An interesting fellow, Arnar Sigurdsson, writes from Iceland. And found my little piece on recycling.  He went from thinking that no one else KNOWS about recycling fraud, to realizing that everyone knows, but that they condone it because it's "moral" to do it, even if it wastes resources.

He published an op-ed in the newspaper there, and here is the link.  But unless you read Icelandic, you'll need the following (not very good, I admit) translation.  Here is the best I could do (blame me, not Arnar, for infelicities):

Recycling can be an example of Glori-free operation based on political orthodoxy, expert power and meinloku thought.

Recently article appeared with the title of "Half doubt about recycling dump." This is certainly a thought provoking fact the case for the fact that everyone should question the recycling of waste and the presence of recycling funds. (More after the jump)

Representative of the company that provides solid theory and considers "remarkable" that people should be questioned about recycling and mentions in support of the fact that the estate is to protect hundreds of millions of public funds in the lobby and recycling. It should perhaps be noted that the first is probably similar simple to achieve overall summary of the recycling industry as equal industry and environmental industry is divided into funds, councils and departments, either at local or state level.

Therefore in this article only mention a few examples of how Glori-free operation of the case based on political orthodoxy, expert power and meinloku thought.

 Glass crushed and landfilled 
Now may well be that recycling can stand on their own in a million communities where land is a limited, but this does not apply in this country. The recycling here will always be costs incurred to price in the end. Recycling fee or deposit is made most things; pallets, packaging and even content such as batteries which obviously raises prices to consumers. For example, individuals, restaurants and agencies themselves enormous effort to collect and glass bottles at the reception, either before beer, wine, soft drinks or other.

Waste and recycling fund to see such refund delivery fee.
Unfortunately, however, requires more energy to recycle glass than goes into creating a new and all glass is simply crushed and landfilled in the country. For surely may ask, why the glass can not simply be exempt from deposit fee and go in unsorted trash to landfill with other garbage?

Batteries also dumped
Also include a recycling fee charged by the batteries is not returned back to the consumer to understand the dump nor is it used in the recycling anyway because according to information from the dump pass 93% of all batteries just the same way as the glass, ie in the landfill! Here is a net tax case which goes into operation on narcissistically HÍT recycling industry. Probably closer to a circus absurdity highs when it comes to the collection and recycling of newspapers and Wrapping. After all expenditure on collection, packages ture and export, it turns out that the bales doors are delivered either free or next to the quay abroad.

Environmentally friendly burial 
But what about the environment, some may ask, is not terribly "óumhverfisvænt" digging in the ground just paper? Therefore, to answer that formerly were widely made fateful mistakes of landfill of waste, including peat, which then caused the contamination. Yet such is the case in the paper today and is even suitable to accelerate soil formation in the garbage dump. On the other hand, the utility of the northern forests have probably never been higher despite Forest operations must deal with rival skefjalausa subsidizing paper from recycling. So one can wonder whether being environmentally that there should be two types of collection vehicles running through the streets of the country instead of one only to slight household waste.

Epistle Arnars business newspaper published in 30 May 2013

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