Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday's Child is Full of Links

1.  Free heroin in Vancouver.  Free.

2.  Bernanke's sense of humor...

3.  Don't drink and drive.  And don't eat and Tweet.

4.  Smartphones and Medical care...a video.

5.  Forbidden photos:  Secret shots of Hitler's bunker.

6.  I wonder if she actually believes this.  But then, I wonder if Sen. DF actually believes ANYTHING.

7.  Is it creepy that I want to go to see this, even though I have no children to take?  Maybe I can borrow Fundman's kid.

8.  Crony capitalism, thy name is "Republican."And again:  too close to the sun.

9.  It's gonna take a lot to take drones away from the state, There's nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do, Obama blesses the drones down in Africa, Gonna take some time to kill the  folks we neeeeeever have.

10.  Man.  Now the LMM wants to leave me for Rod Stewart.  And he's, like, 90.

11.  Why would a judge ignore the system of allocation, given how scarce transplants are?  Because he's a judge.  Not clear he can actually force his will, though.  Ugly little incident.

12.  The first rule of rent-seeking problems:  The more complex the rules, and the more powerful the rule enforcer, the more corruption you will get.  And Obamacare is going to be shockingly corrupt.

13.  Follow-up by my friend and colleague Bahar L., on her case in Turkey.

14.  Paper is a renewable resource.  Why the obsession with getting rid of it? 

15.  Okay, so the NYTimes may be a craven, cowardly, rag that is wholly owned by the Democratic Party as an outlet for propaganda.  But even the NYTimes can be honest, at some point.  This is going to leave a mark.

16. "Many development economists argue that poor countries can get richer if they improve their institutions, particularly the rule of law. The converse also applies: Rich countries can get poorer if their institutions deteriorate, particularly the rule of law. Today only lawyers think the United States has the world's best legal system...The chief business of the American people is no longer business. I fear it may be bureaucracy."

17.  The bikes of New York, and the rage of New York about the bikes.  Jon Stewart weighs in.

18.  Wind energy:  The Stupid Frontier.

19.  What could possibly go wrong with a program that makes it effectively impossible for U.S. companies to compete internationally? Some impressively paranoid speculation from Instapundit.

Headline Meme:

1.  NYC Mayoral Candidates Gets Rise Out of Wiener.


Fundman said...

Take both kids - they could both use a little education on proper kid behavior.

Anonymous said...

Crony capitalism, thy name is "Republican."

It's hard to take you seriously, when the biggest example of crony capitalism is this guy.

Simple.Machine said...

As to the New York Times Article, they changed it after posting it from "Barack Obama has lost all credibility" to "Barack Obama has lost all credibility ON THIS ISSUE".

No, they can almost write a decent article.

Simple.Machine said...

I think you might like this part from an interview on Wired, where Rich Barton (of Expedia) talks about where he's focused on medical innovation...


I am pretty intrigued by the sensor stuff and healthcare. I have a startup that is roughly in healthcare, on the edges of it. It’s called It’s also a “power to the people” play. It’s kind of TripAdvisor for cosmetic procedures. It’s become really popular. It’s serious; it’s basically women talking to other women and physicians about their hopes, fears and realities of liposuction or Botox or breast augmentation or whatever it is.

I know healthcare is going to be big. I like to play in the discretionary stuff where consumers make rational decisions because they are paying for it. But in the non-discretionary stuff I haven’t done anything because it doesn’t make any sense to me yet, but there will be something there."

Yup, that's pretty much the problem with Obamacare right there.