Saturday, June 08, 2013

Is There ANYTHING That Could Persuade These People BHO is a Bad President?

This is funny enough, I suppose.  But I do wonder if all the people who said, "Obama has to wait until after the election.  Then....THEN he'll start doing the right thing!" still believe that.  At some point, you have to recognize that OBAMA is the zombie.

Thanks to Kevin Lewis


aub said...

I never realized, until this video, that the Alliance were the good guys and that Mal Reynolds was the villain.

I guess River was just foreshadowing when she said, "Mal, latin."

Angry Alex said...

I was going to say the same thing. Watching this video I expect Joss would be a purplebelly

sfw said...

Here in beautiful Australia we have the worst government ever. Dysfunctional, incompetent and probably corrupt, yet almost a third of the electorate have stated that they'll vote for them. Never underestimate the cupidity and stupidity of a many people.

Max said...

I wonder what he thinks about it now. Does he regret his choice? Would he still believe that Romney would be so much worse?

It seems that health-care is for leftists a higher priority than privacy and drug-related criminal justice, which I find just sad, because more people suffer from those things than from missing health-care.

Although I would say that if zombies equals unthinking, than big government is more prone to create a zombieland than any kind of free-market thinking.