Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Grace Hopper Explains All

Grace Hopper explains the nanosecond.  She was a rear admiral, a tough old broad.


Anonymous said...

Excellent. Wonder if she and Feynman were buddies?

Thank you sir for another interesting post!

John henry said...

I used to teach in an MBA program on a Naval station. Back in the 83-or 84 I was asked to teach a class in the use of computers for executive decision making. How things like databases and spreadsheets work, what kind of info you could get from them and so on.

One of my students was a full captain, commanding officer of the naval communications station and had a masters in computer science. She could have been a real bear since I had little idea what I was doing but she was extremely tactful.

"Prof Henry, I think what you meant to say was..."

In any event, she had worked directly for Admiral Hopper for a couple years and had a number of interesting anecdotes. Very cool woman.

Both my student and the admiral.

John Henry