Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Happy Christmas Eve from Charles Bukowski

12 - 24 - 78

I suck on this beer
in my kitchen
and think about
cleaning my fingernails
and shaving
as I listen to the
classical radio
they play holiday
I prefer to hear Christmas
music in July
while I am being threatened
with death by
a woman.
when I need it -
when I need
Bing Crosby and the
elves and
some fast

now I sit here
listening to this
slop in
season - it's such
a sugar tit -
I'd rather play a game of
ping-pong with
the risen ghost
of Hitler.

amateur drunks run their cheerful
cars into each other
the ambulances sing to each
other outside.

1 comment:

gcallah said...

Looks like someone about to pass out scrawled some crap on a napkin.