Monday, December 23, 2013

Nut, But not JUST a nut. Troll, but not JUST a troll.

Okay, so my man Windwheel is a nut.  But he's not JUST a nut.  And he's a ridiculous, scabrous troll.  But he's not JUST a troll.

He is also a performance artist.  It's NSFW, it's deeply offensive.  And you will have fun.  I'm sorry, you will never get that 20 minutes back.  But check it out.

The idea of Socio-proctology alone is worth the price of admission (i.e., free).


FredR said...

One of the most under-appreciated blogs on the internet.

windwheel said...

Munger, in context, your remarks are highly prejudicial given our adversarial position.
You are by aware that you colleague at BHL, Dr. Jason Brennan, has admitted to criminally conspiring to extort money under the excuse that I was a 'troll'- a notion I vigorously deny.
You have not disassociated yourself from that criminal conspiracy and are still listed on the masthead of BHL as part of its core team.
It may be, that the fact that I live in England grants me a certain felicity in my use of the English language. That does not make me a troll.
It may also be that, ever since I was released from the burden of teaching, I have more leisure to develop my arguments and to cast my net a little wider in terms of theory and methodology.
This does not make me a troll.

Why is it that you have taken no notice on this, your blog, of the scandal of an Asst. Prof. of Ethics or Econ, or whatever the fuck that cunt Brennan is, trying to extort money in the collective name of a web-collective of which you yourself are a member?

I suggest to you, Munger you Brain dunger, that if I'm primarily a nut and a troll- you guys at BHL are something infinitely worse- viz. Careerist, Credentialist Cunts lacking a Conscience and communicating nothing from out of the bowels of your tiny dried up cicada souls save meaningless chatter.