Sunday, December 29, 2013

Oklahoma Doctors Against Obamacare

With thanks to WH.  To be fair, these Okies may be upset because their vending machines are under attack... I hope they learn a lesson 'bout messin' with a vending machine's jealous man.


windwheel said...

I have taken the first steps to pursuing a criminal action for 'Conspiracy to Extort' under English Law against Dr. Jason Brennan of BHL.
Since, as is clear from his threatening Emails, everybody on the BHL masthead is implicated in this naked extortion attempt, it is my duty to inform you that we are in a potentially adversarial relationship.
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Where is your evidence?
I complained to the BHL editor that this was highly prejucicial conduct.
It was.
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In Brennan's case, Georgetown has deep pockets and is important to people of color like myself. He offered a Christian apology, soon shown to be no such thing, but since he works for a Christian Institution we can accept substitute performance on the basis of Canon not Civil or Criminal Law.
Your situation is different.
Why did you draw attention to my blog holding you up to ridicule and contempt?
Did you deny that what I said was true? Did you amend your statement?
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Anonymous said...

Well that made sense