Friday, December 27, 2013, exactly?

A most excellent example of the headline meme.

NSFW, and actually pretty disgusting.  My question, and no doubt your question also,  How did this work, exactly?  How did he beat off the police while he...well, you know.

Nod to Angry Alex


windwheel said...

Well Christmas is over. You are censoring my comments. That is your right. You own or self-own this shite.
You also publish at BHL
Jason Brennan, acting on behalf of BHL, acted in a highly prejudicial manner by banning me from that forum.
I did nothing wrong.
You have presented me as 'Troll'- but considering how much I've published and the sort of people who consider me to be an Original thinker of startling power and scope- I suggest to you, that your post in this regard was significantly misleading.
I say this in the context of going after Jason Brennan.
He has admitted committing Federal Crimes against me and issued the following confession and admission of guilt,
Mr Iyer,

In the spirit of Christmas, please accept my deepest apology for my childish, miscreant behavior. I will use the next few days to reflect upon my flaws, and hopefully take the first steps toward building better character. Thank you for your patience and tolerance in this matter.

All best wishes

I too issued an apology, of a sentimental kind, but- it makes Brennan's position untenable.

Essentially, in dealing with stupid fuckwits in the States, I need
1) full confession to a Federal Crime
2) An easy way to fuck the perpetrator.
This guy works for a Jesuit College.
He will get sacked, once my people apply their leverage.
Fucking Racist cunt- Brennan tried to extort money from me, a mentally ill, black man, claiming to be a Jewish female lawyer.
He said to me that my dead Doctor paid him a lot of money, to let me off the hook...
This is not something we can forgive.
This man must pay.

windwheel said...

I've literally spent a couple of hours going over how to bring Jason Brennan to Justice.
It scarcely seems likely, the cheapest course, that he will initiate any action against me. But, he's a criminal and criminals do stupid things.
If you, Munger, had anything to do this, you can expect a subpoena, not from my people but that piece of shit with whom you are associated.

windwheel said...

The reason I mention all this in this context, is I am a witness in the prosecution of your colleague Jason Brennan on a Federal Charge of extortion.
You also, even if you were just wanking over this issue, get subpeonaed.
See ya in Court... Pumpkin!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Windwheel wasn't kidding. I just heard today that Jason Brennan was fired from Georgetown and sent to Sing Sing for 99 years for racketeering.

windwheel said...

@Anon- no, that was Debbie Dresner, his gender bending alter ego. The shower scenes are something fierce- reminding us of Brennan's first superhit- 'Debbie does Dallas'.
Also, 99 isn't funny. Brennan 69ing himself isn't either- it's actually kinda sad and tells us too much about the Ethos of our own brand of Libertarianism, bleeding heart or cunt or otherwise; but it has the disquieting distinction of being true- Art must aim for truth. Anything less, is merely Repressive Desublimation by another name.
Mind it kindly.