Monday, December 30, 2013

Monday's Child Special: Year End Columns

Instead of a Year End post, I'll just post some posts by other people I find interesting.  Not say I'm endorsing, just saying they are interesting.

1.  David Collum.  And the video version.

2.  A year-end cartoon.  Have a very crony Christmas!

3.  Glenn Reynolds, in a happy mood.  Not. John Cochrane has some similar, and some quite different, views.

4.  A cartoon "year end" statement, all contained in three frames.  I have witnessed conversations almost exactly like this, with mutually assured incredulity.

5.  This is more like a "world's end" column, from Vero.  Meet the spender, same as the old spender.

6.  NC news roundup, from the Independent.

7.  From "THE ONION":  Our Annual Year.

8.  26 things you can do when you are drunk that you really can't get away with if you are sober.

9.  MathBabe (in the voice of Aunt Pythia) offers some year end advice that will...end your year.  Starts out fairly innocuously, and then goes seriously off the tracks.

10.  The Year In BAD Movies.  And in GOOD Movies. (Disturbingly, I haven't seen even ONE of the ten "best" movies in that list.  And I saw a LOT of movies.)

11.  Sure, it was not a great year.  But was it as bad as 1492?  Some perspective.

12.  Dave Barry's year end column

13.  P-Kroog and the "Year of the Weasel."  I assumed he was going to come out, and admit that he, P-Kroog, is a weasel.  No such luck.  But you heard it here:  P-Kroog is a weasel.

14.  The GOP?  They went disarray.  Or was it data-way?

15.  George Will says GOP is NOT in disarray.  In fact, 2013 was an annus mirabilis.

16.  Year end chart:  Worst loan creation EVER, coming out of recession.  Are we coming out of a recession?  No one is borrowing, because no one believes we are coming out of a recession.

17.  Best headline of 2013:  "Ice Breaker Gets Stuck Trying to Rescue Global Warming Scientists Trapped in Antarctic Ice."  A follow-up.  Now, this one cold snap doesn't change the fact that average temperatures are slowly rising.  (Very, very slowly:  zero increase in last 15 years.)  But I'm tired of people taking every WARM day as a sign of global warming.  Stop that, and I'll stop laughing at you on cold days.

18.  IJ's year end post.  Cops acting badly.

19.  If they are actually watching you, it's not paranoia.   Tin-foil hatters, unite!  Jon Stewart was brilliant on this, just brilliant.

20.  And...clearly the BEST year end statement of all:  mooning the future!  From Google Maps, sent by frequent sender M.K.  Worth reading the whole thing, and the comments.  Gold.

My own view of 2013:  The mayor of Toronto smoked it, Miley Cyrus showed it, and our President started to do it.  Let's hope the crack of 2014 is better!


Evil Person said...

I can't wait to see a certain dipshit write a rant here.

Mungowitz said...

Now, Pumpkin! Settle down. It will happen, in due time.

Anonymous said...

The Jon Stewart link isn't working. Is this the show?

Anonymous said...

YouTube link to that same Jon Stewart clip:

Mungowitz said...

Fixed the Jon Stewart link. Sorry for the hassle! (It's worth watching again. Just beautiful)

Tununak said...

#17: I suggest you read Judy Curry's interview at EconTalk. Wide-ranging but discusses just how much uncertainty there is in climate science: