Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Advice to Grad students: get Hitched!

Interesting paper from Cornell. Here's the abstract:

Using data on 11,000 graduate students from 100 departments over a 20
year period, I test whether graduate student outcomes (graduation rates, time to degree, publication success, and initial job placement) differ based on a student’s gender and marital status. I find that married men have better outcomes across every measure than single men. Married women do no worse than single women on any measure and actually have more publishing success and complete their degree in less time. The outcomes of cohabiting students generally fall between those of single and married students



Anonymous said...

Glad to see they control for differences in age. Harder to control for: that always intangible 'having your isht togetherness,' which would probably predict readiness to marry and something that looks like seriousness about one's work.

David said...

What about placement for females? Finishing isn't everything if you end up as an adjunct where your hubby took a job.

Norman said...

I win!

Chris said...

Nothing like a nagging spouse to get your studies done.