Thursday, November 18, 2010

KPC solves your problems

Mungo and I have been deluged by emails from KPC readers aghast at the Feds banning their favorite beverage, Four Loko.

Fear not, people. Behold: DIY Four Loko!!


Chris said...

Each time the government tries to regulate something away that people want, I am reminded of this excellent scene:

The money line is from 0:54 to 1:02

Pelsmin said...

At least they tell you when it's spiked. My wife was complaining this summer that they had pulled her favorite drink from Whole Foods. Every morning after dropping the kids at school she would stop in for the all-natural tea-brew called Kombucha, but it suddenly disappeared. I learned that it was pulled because it had an alcohol content approaching beer. Mmm, 20 ounces of Morning Sunshine for the girl who can't drink a glass of wine without getting buzzed. At least she was drinking it after she dropped the kids off.