Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday's Child is full of links

A mini-Grand Game entry. I like the "Boone's Farm" angle, but there are others. (Nod to Anonyman)

Moments of moment: Gov. Christie. AS is amused. (Nod to Kevin Lewis)

"Not everyone who thinks they need an exorcism actually needs one..." Truer words were never spoken. (Nod to Kevin Lewis)

Darned autocorrect! (nod to Angry Alex)


J Scheppers said...

I guess I must be getting swayed by libertarians. I enjoy Christie's straight talk, but his tough talk when compared against my desired government spending levels are weak.

Trying to freeze teachers wages and getting them to pay for just 1.5% of their entire families health insurance in a down economy is virtually nothing.

On the ARC tunnel the govenor was willing to sign off on $2.8 billion if the USDOT would say that was all they would have to pay.

I admire his work, but his positions compare to the status quo in Texas would make him almost liberal.

I am very greatful for his national example, but we have a long way to go.

Give it to 'em straight Goverern.

John Covil said...

I love how the cop in the Boone story supported his assertion that marijuana growing should be illegal by pointing out a lot of negative externalities that largely exist _because_ growing marijuana is illegal.