Monday, November 15, 2010

Airport Security: Excessive or Just a Hard Problem?

A disturbing little video about a very upset little girl.

I had been wondering about the comparison to Israeli security on El Al. They have never had a hijacking. And there are some folks who wish the Israelis harm, so ... aren't those procedures better? No shoe taking off, no groping, no x-ray porn?

Maybe not. A sensible response from the V-Consp. Three hours? I guess it's not so simple.

(Nod to Angry Alex)


SB7 said...

Israel also only has handful of airports to secure, and a very small fraction of American passenger volume.

The rest of their nation is also very well secured, making air travel a relative weak point (potentially). In contrast, American airplanes and airport terminals are much more heavily defended than our grocery stores, shopping malls, sports stadiums, etc.

Brian Irving said...

What's really disturbing is the fact the "parent" not only let his child get molested by a government agent, he videotaped the molestation, then made money from the video by airing it on his "news" show.

This probably should be on the

Pelsmin said...

My experience with Israeli airport security confirms the thoroughness, and refutes claims that they rely on racial profiling (though they may use it.) I was leaving Israel with my wife, who is blond and was 5 months pregnant. I had been there on a trip to an Israeli company we had bought, and then doing some tourism.

They pulled us out of the line, I thought to rush the American businessman and his pregnant wife through quickly. They then spent 20 minutes grilling each of us in separate rooms on where we stayed, why we changed hotels, what are purpose was. They switched notes and reinterviewed to confirm answers. This is why El Al doesn't get hijacked. And I don't think you need highly trained people to do this. Just need a smart protocol.

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