Monday, November 15, 2010

Duke Haters

I have been teaching at Duke since 1997.

But I hate, just detest, Duke basketball. I respect, even very much admire, our coach, think the players are all great kids, it's all good. But I cannot abide the team, the cause, the self-love.

Watch this, and tell me I'm wrong.


Anonymous said...

Come on Mike. This is pretty cool.

Angus said...

Dude! that is freakin' *awesome*!

Anonymous said...

Dr. Munger, Lighten up a little.

Simon Spero said...

It's a rational, evolutionary selected response.

Don't eat brightly coloured toadstools.
Don't steal bear cubs.
Hate Duke Basketball.

Heuristics and Biases exist for a reason.

Mungowitz said...

Okay, now, y'all LISTEN to Simon. He knows what's up.

Anonymous said...

Ironically this video was cited by some Duke hating blogs as one of the view enjoyable things about Duke basketball.

Anonymous said...

Few, that is.

John Thacker said...

Yes, but that's because those Duke hating blogs, like Deadspin, are national blogs by people who are fans of some other teams. Their hate is the purest fakery, and I cannot respect it. It's a bandwagon hate, no different from the bandwagon fans who like Duke or UNC or any other popular team. (I'm a Duke fan who grew up in Durham, my parents are from NC an work at Duke, my brother and I went to Duke, and I actually pay attention to all our teams, including our looking somewhat better the last few weeks football team.)

Mungowitz is a Carolina fan, and that's different. His hate is well-understood and it's understandable that he would take anything as a reason to dislike the team. Duke and Carolina fans have been known to pull against the US national team when Dean or Krzyzewski were coaching.

I wouldn't piss on a Carolina fan like Munger if he were on fire, if it was during a game.