Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Easley: It Just Doesn't Make Any Sense

The two best reporters on state politics in NC are Laura Leslie and Rob Christensen. And since Gov. Easley yesterday pled guilty (sort of; Alford plea) to a felony, it was time to check in.

I got to talk to Laura, which was fun. She's really great. Great voice, knows everyone, very fair. And I got to say, "It just doesn't make any sense!" How profound.

And this morning I got to read this piece by Rob C. Exactly right, again very fair, to the point.

Makes me proud to be North Carolinian. Two really first rate reporters. Plus, Rob wrote the BEST book on North Carolina political history. I use parts of it in class. A very fun read, with a nice balance between personalities and good research. On the LL side of the ledger, Laura is a blogger, and she tweets, from @LauraLeslie. Finally, though, and I mean this in a purely paternal way of course: Laura is somewhat cuter than Rob.


Anonymous said...

And then you have the guy running for N.C. state seat, who gets not 1 but 2 dui arrests the weekend before the election. What's goin' on over there any way???

Tom said...

Rob Christensen, whatever his other merits, cannot count. His stories often directly or obliquely mention the number of political parties in NC and he invariably gets "2". It is not bad reporting; it is a lie.

Anonymous said...

Is the moral of this story that politicians should pretty much solicit free stuff in exchange for possible political favors? Worst case is some legal fees and $1K in fines, right?