Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Cheeky QB

Pretty funny. Just walk through the D.

I wonder if the kid plays poker?

A more traditional version, where the QB takes the snap through the legs of the center.

Now, I thought a snap HAD to be between the legs to be legal, in high school and higher. But...no. Any continuous movement of the ball, including handing it to the QB, is legal.


jpom said...

brobible.com posted these two videos together yesterday. Are you, per chance, an esteemed member of the brommunity?
From a member of your under 21 fanbase.

Matthew said...

Coach did a great job figuring out how to trick a bunch of 12 year olds

Mungowitz said...

Interesting, no, I was not trying to take stuff from the brommunity with proper respect.

And having coached baseball and soccer myself, I do know that the desire to win sometimes overtakes the innate sense of fair play that many coaches have.

Anonymous said...

@ Matt

Or the other teams coach wasn't aware enough to tell his players to keep playing. Trick plays are part of sports, and this isn't a new one.

I've seen another version of this where the defense was not fooled, and the result wasn't pretty for the ball carrier.