Sunday, November 07, 2010

Uncle Sam: Part Pusher, Part Preacher

The front page of today's NY Times sings a new verse to a familiar tune. The Federal government actively helps market extra fatty pizza (Uncle Sam the Cheese Pusher) while at the same time putting out publications warning people against eating pizza.

Just like when it subsidized the production of tobacco while running advertising campaigns against consuming it.

Just like how it limits the importation of sugar and subsidizes the production of corn so that kids grow up swimming in an post-natal amniotic fluid of high fructose corn syrup, while at the same time good old uncle sam leads the fight against childhood obesity and diabetes.

We pay for the pusher and we pay for the preacher and they are one in the same.


Richard Stands said...

One might think there are only two sections on the government Dartboard of Legislative Decisions: "Subsidize It" and "Prohibit It", and sometimes they throw two darts and a dart lands on each.

But as we all know, it's really about who buys the darts.

Chris said...

Hmm. Seems the feds can't help themselves but to be the fat, in debt parent preaching responsibility to their kids.

Anonymous said...

Just an observation: how dumb is Dominoes that it took the government to tell them "People like cheese. Put more cheese on your pizzas, and people will like them more"?