Thursday, August 04, 2011

Amar Bhide Op-Ed, And M-Yg Hails Need for Better Crises

KPC Pal Amar Bhide has an interesting op-ed with Edmund Phelps.

Worth reading.

@mattyglesias tweeted (a double):

1. New political crisis desperately needed to stimulate blog sector during august doldrums.

2. Euro collapse should be crisis enough but US blog audience refuses to follow foreign news.

It's true. Whenever I try to bring up Eurozone, reporters stick fingers in ears and start singing "LALALALALA!"


John Thacker said...

Can't people complain about the stock market, or does that an obvious villain for them to complain about?

Mungowitz said...

For once, I agree with M-Yg.

Stock market is nothing. If Eurozone collapses, we are going to get hit with really big flying pieces. A lot of banks have Euro-country sov debt on their books because....really high returns for the last year or so. TBTF all over again.