Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday's Child is ALSO Full of Links

Back from DC. Some links, with no theme or coherent order.

1. Philosophy as psychotherapy

2. R. Branson running nekkid from Necker

3. Amusing earthquake tweets (the tweets are funny, not the earthquake). (I particularly like the premature looteration)

4. Explaining charter school effectiveness (Gated, but I have a PDF. Send me an email at munger at duke dot edu)

5. Pronouns: The secret code of power and weakness

6. Jeff Miron: Capitalism--It doesn't suck

(Nod to Chateau, the Blonde, and Kevin Lewis)


Faith Newton said...

Got a link to an ungated version?

John said...

Other humorous tweets:

Umm, Krugman says it wasn't big enough. Seriously. He does. I'm not joking. Click on the link: http://bit.ly/oPjvU9 [Honestly. I swear.]

Saw that on Tim Carney's feed, think he retweeted it... yep, from bitly.

And my own:

Please don't quake during my root canal tomorrow!