Monday, August 01, 2011

What in the world?

Let's do a visual version of the Grand Game. Write a caption for this photo:
I'll take a shot: "Boca! Mouth! Boca! Now you say it..."

I also very much like the background, with subliminal messages. Unless that's the teleprompter, and it's just turned around.


Anonymous said...

I meant my caption to say, "You have some food stuck on your tooth, right there."

Richard Stands said...

"Now if you accidentally glance at our backdrop, you jam you finger down your throat like this. It'll let you purge the bile."

"Like this?"

jcpederson said...

In the next year, through bailouts, increased taxes and regulations, my minions will secure for our union hundred billion dollars!

Where is mini-Me? He should be here for a moment like this...