Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday's Child is Full of Links: What Blogs Do

A roundup of some interesting links on what blogs do, may do, and probably don't do.

From the Incidental Economist: Another set of links

TC's post on reputation

A science perspective (and credit for the poster above)

The impact of blogs on literature
. (Really? A book? I had not seen this.)

The impact of blogging on the practice of law (pretty old, but thoughtful and quite interesting)

Blogging and public relations

An academic-ish article from the good people at Monkey Cage

Blogging as a way of increasing "assignment engagement" for students

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John said...

I teach in SNHU's online MBA program. (Also taught more than 20 years in their classrooms)

One of the courses I teach is Strategic Management. We use a blog, as part of Blackboard suite throughout the course.

A key assignment of the course is to develop a business analysis and strategic recommendations for real companies.

Each student sets up a blog in Blackboard. Each week there is an assignment related to the overall analysis.

First week they have to pick a company and give their reasons why.

2nd week company background

3rd SWOT analysis

and so on.

This serves 3 purposes. First it prevents them from doing the entire paper the last week of class (As I used to do when I was a student)

2nd it helps me as a teacher make sure they are on track, not going off on tangents and it allows me to direct them a bit.

Third, if done correctly, for the final paper all they need do is take their blog posts and beat them into shape for a single paper.

I love it as an instructor and students seem to like it pretty well.

John Henry