Friday, August 05, 2011

Grand Game, Part I: Foot Soldiers For Capitalism

Gosh, why would there be a problem if our "educators" actually hasten to reassure an interviewer, who earnestly writes it down, that the job of colleges is NOT to make "foot soldiers for capitalism"?

Plenty of other delightfully idiotic stuff in this article, tho. Have fun.

My own favorite: The conclusion of article appears to that there is a surprise in the world. If you have no education, you may have an income nonetheless. But if you have no job, it will be much harder for you.

Um...yes. The problem is that so many people in academics have never actually worked that they can't imagine anyone wanting to. Having had several jobs where one showers after work, instead of before like our lefty elites live their lives, I can vouch for the fact that working and producing things is not an affront to human dignity.

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Gerardo said...

I found this out the hard way when my applied life studies degree didn't open any doors on Wall Street.

Possibly related is this all-time great GRE score by graduate discipline, which probably should be on the right-hand side of the equation: