Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Sacrifices We Make For Research

I am sorry; I find this quite funny.

That does not MAKE me a bad person, but it IMPLIES that I am a bad person.

The guy was doing what he knew, so that he knew who he was doing. Here is his dissertation. So when he did the Pres's wife, he had solid research to back him up.

(Nod to Anonyman, who also found it funny. But there is no question Anonyman is going to hell, none)


Tom said...

I found it funny for a different reason. The dissertation was about "the role of the university's CEO's spouse"... !!?! What sort of educational system have we, that there can be Phd's in subjects allowing for a major point being "the role of the university's CEO's spouse"?

a) warped
b) useless
c) pompous & pretentious

/pause to pick at link

Oh, Education and Social Services.
By what objective criteria do we judge expertise in Education and Social Services? IOW, how did the first professor of Education and Social Services show he knew anything?

Gerardo said...

Was that Dean Wormer?

Anonymous said...

Going?! I'm already there...


Anonymous said...

"This study employed qualitative methodology to elucidate the role of the university CEO's spouse in development, alumni relations, and fund raising."

that's some "qualitative methodology"!

p.s. Tom, note the degree is an EdD, not a PhD.