Monday, August 29, 2011

You Play, We Pay

An article about how hard the folks out on the ... barrier islands of NC have it.

Best quote: "this is the price you pay for living in paradise." Well, no. This is the price *WE* pay so you can live on a freakin' sandbar.

Look, you loonies are welcome to live out there. But the state subsidized insurance for decades, and pays for new roads, and rebuilds broken roads. That money comes from people who have to pay to visit paradise.

So you can live there at public expense.

I have no problem with people living out there. If they like it, good for them. And emergency services, in cases where the emergency is unpredictable? Okay by me.

But living on a sandbar that never gets higher than 8 feet, in an area where storm surge from a hurricane hits 12 feet or more at least once a decade? Why do I have to pay for that?

(Nod to the Blonde)


emerson said...

But Mike, no private company will insure them! That's why you have to!

Actually, I hereby offer to insure anyone who lives on a sandbar. Premiums are $10 million per month. Now please don't say it's impossible for you to obtain insurance. It's possible and, as Churchill might say, now we're just haggling over the price.

dave hansen said...

Same goes for people who live way out in the boondocks and then expect to receive the same services as everyone else. For example, the school districts in Utah that spend the most per capita (nearly double the state average) are tiny, rural districts that spend a large share of their state-supported budgets on transportation costs.