Thursday, August 11, 2011

Does Blogging "Help"?

LeBron takes up a question: Does blogging improve the professional rep of an economist?

And does blogging change policy?

I can answer the second question: YES. In quite a few instances, people who have read THIS blog have adopted a policy of not reading this blog. Or so I would infer from their comments.


Anonymous said...

Do you know what this refers to? "The stimulus package made it harder for many companies to hire foreign workers, and some lawmakers would even go further and restrict H1Bs." Not surprised, just curious. Does anybody actually know what TARP or the stimulus, or ObamaCare actually say? Like words, not "increase demand, maintain solvency, or improve health outcomes?"


Eric said...

Reading this blog usually makes me the smartest man in the room. I happen to usually be in the room by myself.

Ten Mile Island said...

I never read this blog.

Richard Stands said...

Let alone post to it.